Cris Rodriguez

Pianist and Keyboardist / Jazz BigBand / Rockin’1000

Cris started to play the piano when she was a little child and then, when she was 8 years old she started to study at the conservatory. After finished the piano degree and Master studies, she completed her career with Master Classes with important pianists and teachers as Mercedes Goicoa, Katia Veekmans, Guillermo González, Pikul, Hancock and many others. Now She takes part on international projects as the Jordan Rudess Keyfest with other artists as Otmaro Ruiz, Rosenthal or Tom Brislin.  She was finalist of different piano competitions and won the TalentShow sponsored by Desperados (Unleash2017). She loves to play different music styles (classical, jazz, rock, metal…) and that´s why she studied jazz too, recorded an album with a Jazz BigBand and now, she is one of the thousand musicians of Rockin’1000. Her last project is Maldito Piano, a web portal in Spanish dedicated to the piano, keyboards and players

Product review - REVO1 by Cris Rodriguez