About NuMotion Keyboards

NuMotion keyboards is a Canadian manufacturer, based in Montreal, QC, Canada. After several years of research and development, the company has completed in recent years the development of a quite innovative new concept of portable keyboards, with a unique design and a patented ergonomic design.

The company was created from an original idea of Mr. Mario Brun, a veteran designer who is well known for his innovative spirit. Mr. Brun is also an experienced keyboardist. For many years he noticed that a keyboard for live performance was really missing. This is how the new concept of a portable ergonomic keyboard that allows complete freedom of movement and the use of both hands has appeared.

Simplicity & Endurance for performance on stage

The NuMotion team now wants to share its passion for the keyboard with a whole new freedom of expression. As a Canadian manufacturer of musical keyboards, NuMotion aims to produce high quality instruments. The keyboards have been designed with a goal of simplicity and endurance for performance on stage.