Paolo Nox

Keyboardist and composer / Arcana Opera / Golden Jubilee / Mago de Oz

Paolo was born in Vicenza (Italy) in 1969 and started playing piano at the age of 5. He got piano degree in 1987 at the local Music School. As he always loved keyboards and synthesizers, he started to play in small local bands, but the first good opportunity came in 2005 when he joined a « Mago de Oz » tribute. Actually Paolo play in three bands... the symphonic metal band « Golden Jubilee », where he write most songs, a « Lordi » tribute and finally the « noir-metal » band called Arcana Opera which he joined in 2012. With Arcana Opera he had the opportunity to open the Dragonfest tour with Haggard and he will open the Mago de Oz concert in Udine in October 2015. Also he partecipated to some well known italian metal events like the Fosch Fest and the Sinistro Fest.

« I always use the Revo-1 on stage, using my Kurzweil PC3K as sound engine, and it really changed my perspective as a keyboard player, because now I can be in the front line and realize LIVE the concerts as I have always wished. It's been a real REVOlution for me, and I always get a lot of good feedback on it, also from the visual point of view. »