Jim Gilmour

Keyboardist and producer / SAGA

Jim Gilmour is a major recording keyboardist and producer. He was born in Carfin, Scotland. His musical journey began in Canada at the age of nine when he got his first instrument, the accordion. Jim was asked to join the Canadian band SAGA. Eager to demonstrate his abilities, he entered the studio and added his signature playing style to the group’s third album “Silent Knight”. Not bad for a guy in his early 20’s. In 1981, SAGA recorded “Worlds Apart” which included the international hit “On the Loose”. Jim’s greatest musical moment had been : “Scratching the Surface” - a high energy song driven by a pulsating rhythm and a sing-a-long chorus that quickly became an instant fan favorite, and a worldwide hit.
After a six-year hiatus, SAGA reunited and entered an extensive period of innovation and creativity. The band released the energetic “The Security Of Illusion”, completed “Generation 13”, a seventy-minute musical extravaganza, and recorded “Steel Umbrellas”, the soundtrack to a U.S. television series called Cobra.
Inspired by the music and sounds of Vangelis and Yanni, Jim wrote and produced his first solo recording “Instrumental Encounters”.
In 2005/06 SAGA released several multi-media projects, including: “The Chapters Live” double CD, and the critically acclaimed album “Trust”. The following year the band issued the “Worlds Apart” live in concert DVD. SAGA also celebrated 30 years together in 2007.
Admired by professional musicians worldwide, Jim is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, clarinet, sax and the accordion. He’s also a critically acclaimed vocalist with a diversity of singing styles.